CBIS 1 Quiz 6

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1: A protocol ____ is a combination of protocols that work together, of which TCP/IP is the primary example for message transmission on the Internet.
a. cluster
b. baseline
c. junket
d. suite
2: A domain name ends with an extension that indicates its ____ domain.
a. top-level
b. low-level
c. bottom-level
d. high-level
3: Which of the following is the most inexpensive type of Internet connection?
a. dial-up connection
b. cable modem access
c. DSS
4: With cable Internet service, a standard home service plan offers ____ downstream.
a. 384 Kbps
b. 384 Mbps
c. 10 Mbps
d. 10 Gbps
5: One ____ service provider encourages its customers to “Just plug in and jump online anywhere within the service area.”
b. WiMAX
c. ATA
d. VoIP
6: ____ allows telephone-style conversations to travel over the Internet to virtually anywhere in the world.
a. E-commerce
b. IP telephony
c. Broadcasting
d. Multicasting
7: An FTP server runs software that listens on ports ____ for requests coming in from other computers.
a. 15 and 16
b. 8 and 9
c. 50 and 51
d. 20 and 21
8: One of the most common ways of gaining unauthorized access to a network-based computer is by looking for open ____.
a. keys
b. ports
c. probes
d. packets
9: One of the most effective steps you can take to secure your computer from intrusion is to install a ____.
a. cable modem
b. DSL modem
c. router
d. routable IP address
10: What kind of an IP address is essentially hidden from hackers?
a. routable
b. private
c. VPN
d. corporate

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